Full BMIH 36/18/9 Specifications
Model BMIH-36/18 
Cuts 18 or 36 Pieces
Dividing/Scaling Range 36-part, 1 oz. to 4 oz. pieces (28 gr. to 112gr) 
18-part, 2 oz. to 9 oz. pieces (56 gr. to 252 gr.) 
(Scaling ranges may vary due to 
dough development and viscosity.)
Machine Dimensions 14"D X 18-1/2"W X 21-1/4"H
Machine Weight 
(with one head)
80 Lbs. (36 kg.)
Machine Shipping Weight/Boxed 
(with one head)
88 Lbs. (39.6 kg.)
Machine Shipping Weight/Boxed 
(with both heads)
104 Lbs. (46.8 kg.)
Certified: Cleanability, 
Material, Safety, and 
Design, for listing by:
  • National Sanitation Foundation
  • United States Department of Agriculture
Unit comes equipped with one stainless steel pan.
Additional pans and portable stand are available.
Additional Pan Part No. B4-149-0001 (Stainless Steel)
Portable Stand Model B4-436-0072